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July 2019  "Create to Inspire" book

June 2012  “Tradition and Innovation – Five Decades of Harrow Ceramics”

May-June 2007  “Healing Hands” Ceramic Review

March 2003  “Antiques of Tomorrow” BBC Homes and Antiques Magazine

July 2000  “Potters” 12th Edition, CPA, London.

May-June 1999  “Doing it” Ceramic Review

Nov-Dec 1997  “Party Pieces” Ceramic Review

May 1997  “Moody Blues” BBC Homes and Antiques Magazine

Jan-Feb 1997  “Steps and Stumbles” Ceramic Review

Nov-Dec 1996  “Rhythm of the Ray” Ceramic Review

May-June 1996  “A View of Contemporary Ceramics 2 at the V & A London” Ceramic Review

Jan/Feb 1995  “After the Fire – Ceramics towards the Millennium” Ceramic Review


Bucks County Museum, Aylesbury

British Crafts Museum, Lincoln.

Museum of Ikebana, Kyoto

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