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Sentinel Garden Sculpture

Number one in the Sentinel Series is a 5ft tall Column that quietly transitions into a functioning birdbath. This piece is called “The Earth, The Air and the In-between “

It was conceived to be part of a Zen Garden and a three-dimensional riff taking its theme from an earlier project “Create to Inspire” – a wall created for the client reception area at the brick makers HG Matthews in Bellingdon, Buckinghamshire.

The bottom section uses remnants of wood-fired bricks (a visual texture like ancient dry stone walls) the shards are made of clay processed now by hand but coming from a landscape million’s of years old that pre-dates man. The skyscape is made of hundreds of carefully, individually cut and glazed pieces of tile, some hand-painted with a bird motif.

“The In-between” sees an intertwined use of the wisteria motif made up of hand-made and cut pieces of ceramic, studded with a playful array of glass beads. Traditional lime mortar, a vernacular building material, has been used to complete the ensemble. 

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