Tony Moody is an English artist based in Chesham , Bucks situated in the Chiltern hills to the north west of London. His work moves from the challenging immediacy of ink line drawings through to the dense layering possibilities of colour on colour, using both oil pastels and oil paints. A deeply engrained fascination for texture, pattern, rhythmic mark-making and movement forms a recurring language which hallmark his work.

Asked by a curious viewer recently how he would describe his work, he said “Each one is a journey into ideas. I take a lot of my inspiration from nature and like to work intuitively. I respond to what I see, hear and feel. I try to keep open and to be inventive. Sometimes even an overheard word or phrase can be a useful and unexpected starting point. I like surprises… My challenge then is to use these ideas and to express them in a piece of work which aims to combine what I see and feel. ”

Available on this website from the Shop: Artist’s Signed Prints, Greetings Card and Limited Edition.

Tony has his work on shows at the moment in the following places:
Home and Colonial Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

Currently showing work at the NEW Art Gallery – Art works!, 19 High Street Chesham, HP5 1BG.